A-Z Challenge – BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

Arc System Works are well known for their fighting games, starting with Guilty Gear.  The mix of an in-depth fighting with sleek looking sprite graphics led to a great experience the fighter fans loved.  So, after an experiment of sorts with Battle Fantasia, Arc moved on to a bigger and possibly even better series… and that series is BlazBlue.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger was different in having an actual story.  Sure, other fighting games have something vaguely resembling a story, but BlazBlue actually created a whole universe and story, and conveyed it in the game’s 20-25 hour Story Mode.  Calamity Trigger wasn’t the best at conveying the finer points and terms of the story, but overall it’s very engaging, and gives you a reason to play the different characters and piece together what is going on.  The game’s true ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered, as well: A perfect reason for the casual fighting fan to pick up the sequel!

Despite an emphasis on story, BlazBlue is still a fighting game, and it is a great first entry.  There aren’t a huge roster of characters to choose from; however, every character has a unique style to them, so most fighting fans can find a character that they’ll enjoy.  There are some balance issues, but it doesn’t become a problem unless you’re playing in Arcade Mode and get an unfortunate line-up.  Fighting itself is solid and fun, and if you played any of the developer’s games in the past, you know what to expect: Fast paced, combo crazy, sprite-based fun.

What’s best about Calamity Trigger is that it can easily cater to all skill levels.  Story Mode is on the easy side… that way, most people can jump in and enjoy the story, learning how to battle and finally using those skills during the true end path.  Arcade Mode is more for the hardcore players, and doesn’t have nearly as many story bits to get in the way.  There’s something there for everyone to enjoy.


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