Summer Gaming Challenge #5 – Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

It’s getting close to the end of the summer… but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my challenge!  This marks me being halfway done with my challenge, as well… of course, with only about eight or nine days left, I don’t think I’ll beat them all, but there’s still hope.  Anyway, on to the post.

How’s this one a classic?

The Dragon Quest series is well loved in Japan, and VI is not excluded from that love.  Realms of Revelation offers quite an unique storyline, and (keeping from posting anything too spoiler-y) gives the player large ‘realms’ to explore.  In addition, the vocation system allows the characters to take different jobs, customizing what they know and and their stats.  Finally, it’s just a good old Dragon Quest game:  You won’t get too many surprises when it comes to battling or core gameplay.  It’s the comfort zone of RPGs.

Before we get onto my thoughts…

This game came out AFTER Dragon Quest IX… this isn’t the first version of this game, is it?

That’s right!  The original version of DQIV was released on the Super Famicom in 1995… however, the original version never saw a Western release.  So, US and European audiences had to wait until the DS remake experience the game in English (without the help of fan translations).

Other than the cleaner visuals, there isn’t too much different between the two versions… except for with the Monster Master class.  In the original, you could recruit monsters; in the remake, you couldn’t.  There’s still a few monsters to recruit via other means, but you can no longer recruit them after a battle, like in Dragon Quest V or Dragon Quest Monsters.  Oh yeah, and there’s a touch screen mini game or something.

Now that all that’s out of the way…

What’s the verdict?

Dragon Quest VI stands up pretty well to the test of time… for the most part.  For one, it’s a Dragon Quest game:  The series didn’t make any kind of real change to its core gameplay until IX, so there’s no surprises here.  The vocation system entices players into wanting to fight battles to learn new abilities; however, vocations tend to take just a little to long to master, and unlocking just one second-tier vocation and mastering it can very well take the entire main game.

Exploring the world (or ‘realms’) is mainly painless and fun.  There are a couple points, however, where it’s a bit vague on where to go, and the constant onslaught of transportation methods to get to one or two places makes it easy to get frustrated.  Other than a couple hiccups, though, it’s not too hard to find out what to do, and the compact storylines taking place in one town/area really give a player a sense of accomplishment throughout the game.

It’s certainly a great game, with a fascinating story.  It deserves classic status, and is a great game for RPG fans.


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