Summer Gaming Challenge #4 – Psychonauts

The summer’s starting to wind down, but I’m not done yet!  In between surfing the web and doing a whole lot of nothing, I managed to beat the PC version (or, more specifically, the Steam version with achievements) of Psychonauts.  I know, I’m so productive!  Let’s see what I thought… but first:

How is this game a classic?

Psychonauts is one of the quirky games to come from Tim Schafer, and the first game to come from Double Fine Productions.  Featuring a unique concept and storyline, as well as a great atmosphere in both the campground and the within the minds that Raz explores, the game is still spoken highly of eight years later.  Even the most jaded gamers can find something to appreciate in this (somewhat) modern classic.

That’s the word on the street.  Now…

What’s the verdict?

…Please, do you expect me to do anything other than to gush over the game?  It’s amazing!  It’s really unlike nothing I played before; the use of psychic powers is fun, the premise of going into others’ psyches and see for yourself what makes them tick is great, and everything is pieced together masterfully.  The story and the sheer quirkiness kept me hooked, and bar a couple incidents, everything played great; it plays and looks better than some modern platformers I’ve played, and that says a lot coming from an eight year old game!  I’m a little sad I didn’t get to it until now… it’s been lot overdue to enjoy this classic!

I’m excited to try the other Double Fine games I picked up on Steam.  Hopefully they’ll be as great as Psychonauts!


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