Project Giana

Have you heard of The Great Giana Sisters?  If you haven’t, it’s not surprising; it was a blatant clone of Super Mario Bros., to the point that Nintendo made the developers take the game off the shelf very quickly after its release.  Many years later, the series got a release on the DS (ironically enough), and introduced a couple features to set it apart from the Mario games; namely, Giana’s transformation to Punk Giana.

Now that the history’s out of the way, we can get to this Kickstarter project, called Project Giana.  Black Forest Games, made of a bunch of people that worked on past Giana games, is trying to finish up production of their next game in the series, but they’re short on funds.  The game looks great from the video seen; don’t let the… questionable 3D design of the heroine steer you wrong, as the environments and enemies look fantastic in motion.  The transformation from Cute Giana to Punk Giana is cool, as well; the Giana in charge has different powers, and the entire stage and music changes to fit the mood.  You can change at any time, so there’s no worries about not having the power you need to move on.  The music sounds awesome as well, and only the video on the Kickstarter page can truly show it.

The best part about this project?  The game’s almost done!  The estimated delivery date for the game is October… yes, this October.  It isn’t often for Kickstarter projects to be more than just a concept.  Black Forest also plans on releasing demo levels throughout the month:  You don’t even have to take their word about how awesome the game might be, you can decide for yourself, which is very nice.  So keep an eye out for this game, and maybe even chip in the ten bucks for a pledge copy; it looks to be quite fun!


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