All shooters are practically the same; no matter how they look, you end up dodging bullets and shooting some matter of enemy into oblivion across stages that may or may not make sense.  It’s all well and fun, but wouldn’t a change in the genre be nice?

24 Caret Games thinks so, and although this attempt might be a little off, it’s an interesting concept.  Instead of shooting enemies and getting to the end of a stage, you’re playing the levels in reverse, being forced to re-enact your victories in reverse.  So instead of shooting bullets, you’re catching them.

The whole thing plays more like a rhythm game than a shoot-’em-up, though; you catch the bullets along the beat of some pretty awesome songs, and the video even states that you can play it with a Guitar Hero controller.  Regardless of what the game is trying to be, though, it’s looking to be a pretty good game to try, and it’s coming out on the Playstation Network later this month.  You can look more into the game on its official page, and keep an eye out for it on the 21st!


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