Humble Music Bundle

Many of us have heard of the Humble Indie Bundle before:  It made the whole concept of ‘selling a bunch of indie games for cheap (and usually for charity)’ popular.  Of course, after everyone was bombarded with bundle after bundle, it’s a little hard to get excited when one probably owns a good deal of the games already.  Thankfully, the makers of the Humble bundles realize this, and decide to shake it up a bit.

The Humble Music Bundle, instead of offering games, offers music, and gives Humble’s typical deal:  You can pay what you want and get some awesome DRM free music, but if you pay above the average, you get extra goodies as well!  The music on offer is pretty neat as well… you can see the whole list on the site, but with music from They Might Be Giants, MC Frontalot, and Valkyria Chronicles, you can’t go go wrong with a pay what you want deal!  If you pay above the average, you even get an album from OK Go, who is extremely awesome!

I’m a little sad, however, that this bundle just doesn’t seem to be selling as much as their older bundles.  It’s probably because they aren’t games, and the people who watch for these deals are looking for games or gaming related goods, and while this might have a Valkyria Chronicles soundtrack, it isn’t anything like the Indie Game Music Bundle.  However, I’m hoping word gets out to music fans that would enjoy these, and sales pick up… so get the word out about the new bundle!


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