FFV Fiesta #8: My Only Friend, The End

Here we are!  The final gauntlet that’ll lead us to victory!  There’s quite a few baddies that aren’t happy to see us, though… I guess we’ll have to take care of them before we can take down Exdeath.

The Rift is a mishmash of places we’ve seen throughout the game, giving the impression that you’re really running through the places that Exdeath was such a jerk to suck up in the Void.  But hey, it makes for a pretty entertaining final dungeon.

So, we walk for a bit, and…

Hey, that doesn’t sound too– Oh wait, we gotta save the world, no time for rest!

I’d tell you something about her, but she died before she really got to do anything.  The raw power of this party is undeniably awesome, but they tend to run into issues if battles last more than two minutes.

Onward, and…


Well, yeah, I wouldn’t expect anyone to either, with what that terrible murdering machine right outside the door.  Too bad we don’t get props for getting past it and have to fight Apanda.

Oh look, a palette swap of that one boss way early in the game.  He’s about as impressive as you’d expect.  Let’s keep going.

This guy’s weird.  He asked the group if they were the crystal bearers… then after some contemplation, he attacks.  You can say no, and he’ll let you carry on your business without a fight.  Neat, but there’s a reason why we want to fight him.

Azulmagia knows a LOT of Blue Magic spells.  Doesn’t really help him, but hey, there you have it.

After you defeat him, Azulmagia turns into a save point.  Handy, because it’s been awhile!  In this area, there are some old men running around in a few cells.  They’re kinda mid-bosses, and they’re protecting Dancer equipment, which I already have, so I didn’t bother.  I try to open the cell on the far top right, and…


Catastrophe is dangerous because of its powerful Earth Shaker.  And I think he counters physicals or something.  I can’t remember, he died pretty fast as well.

So, we freed a young (presumably hot) young lady from the cell with Catastrophe, who gives us a kiss and goes upon her merry way.  Odd…

That young woman cast a spell with her kiss, and now we have to kill her to get away!

She can inflict status ailments… mostly Toad.  She isn’t a challenge.

So, finally, to the top of the castle!

Oh, Twintania.  The first boss in the Rift I had trouble with.

First, I learned it had Tidal Wave, which massacred me quickly.

So I equipped my Coral Rings.  I thought I was in for an easy victory, but…

Then I learned about Twintania having Mega Flare.  Well, that sucks.  I could use the Reflect Rings, but then I couldn’t be healed by Tidal Wave, and that would likely kill me before Mega Flare would activate.

Eventually, I do win.  You can click above for a video!

And finally, we enter the final area of the Rift, the real area.  I spot someone too… another boss?  Let’s see…

Gilgamesh!  He’s alive!  It’s a miracle!  We trade blows for a while, until he recognizes the party.  We stop fighting, and give him directions to leave the Rift.  There’s a video of the battle above; I highly recommend watching it, for Gilgamesh’s dialogue alone.

Things are going well.  I trampled all the bosses, found Gilgamesh in one piece, and am mere steps away from beating down Exdeath.  However, it’s sure been a while since a save point, and there’s some glowing object off to the side.  It tells me the light it his, and we fight…

This guy’s a little annoying.  You can’t hurt him until you destroy the barriers… the barriers don’t have much health, but they do launch high power reflected spells at you.  It takes a few tries, but I get the barriers down… despite this, though, Necrophobe still isn’t taking much damage, and my party’s not looking to hot.  Guess I’ll have to reset–Oh, wait, what?

Wait, Gilgamesh, what are you doing here?  Don’t tell me you’re… No, don’t say your goodbyes, don’t die, please, no no no….!

He… self-destructs to defeat Necrophobe, and we get a save point.  But at what cost!?  (Note: I had a video, but the battle before Gilgamesh showed up took so long it was too boring to make people watch.  So you don’t get to see Gilgamesh’s interesting farewells.  Sorry.)

Well, this is it.  It’s time to defeat Exdeath!

Let’s not forget that the big bad boss of this game is a tree!  This is not an environmentally-friendly game.

Exdeath’s first form is easy enough, you beat on him for a couple minutes, before Exdeath gets consumed by the power of the Void.

Oh yay, real final boss time!


Neo Exdeath isn’t a pushover.  He has four parts, that all do different attacks.  The top, grey part that’s sticking out does the physical attacks and Vacuum Wave.  The red, lion-looking head in the middle is the piece that casts Grand Cross, a spell that inflicts ANY random status effect on characters, up to and including Death.  Underneath that piece, around were the ram’s head is in the middle, is the part that casts Almagest, an extremely powerful attack that hits for ~1700 to each party member.  Finally, somewhere in the back is the magical piece, which casts Holy, Flare, Meteor, and the elemental spells.  You have to be careful, too, as when you defeat three out of Neo Exdeath’s ‘pieces’, the fourth gains the abilities of the others, can attack super quickly, and can cast Almagest and Grand Cross without charging it.  Harsh.

So, Almagest is the most dangerous ability to me in this battle (a lot of people have difficulties with Grand Cross, but I couldn’t really survive the damage), so I strive to defat that part first.  There’s a lot of unlucky shots, and plain bad moves on my part, but eventually I get it down.  Second, I take out the Grand Cross piece, mainly because it’s a pain.  Then, the front piece.  The back piece starts spamming everything, but there’s a trick.

If you use a Magic Lamp, Odin always casts his instant kill move.

The back piece is susceptible to it.

And there we go!  Oh, something interesting…

If a party member is dead when you kill Exdeath, they can’t escape the Void and you LEAVE THEM BEHIND.  Seriously.  Not too bad, though, they’ll get revived at the end, but you DO miss their bit of the ending.

That’s Final Fantasy V Advance, Fiesta style!  Let’s look at some stats before wrapping this up:

Bartz, the Knight in shining armor, protecting the princesses from harm!

Lenna, running around in a skimpy fur suit and smashing monsters’ heads in!  I guess blood IS kinda hard to clean out of fur, so she’s got a good idea.

Faris, looking remarkably different!  Galuf said early in the game that ‘it’s a shame to hide those assets’.  She took it to heart.

Krile, who’s ready to take a nap!  It’s adorable.

And finally, my time…

Not even 22 hours!  Pretty fast.

That’s all for the fiesta!  Thanks for reading, I hope you had as much fun reading as I did playing!  Maybe I’ll see you again next year!



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