Gotta Read Fast!

Art books are cool and all, but they sometimes lack any substance to look at other than the art itself.  Which is not a problem, of course, they’re art books, but I greatly prefer gaming history books; they provide a detailed and insightful look into a series or consoles history, and gives you a little more to take away from it other than the pretty pictures.

Recently, Sega of America and Udon decided to team up to make this, the hardcover 300+ page The History of Sonic the Hedgehog.  It’ll go over each game in the series extensively, in addition to general series trivia, detailed looks of the characters, and an awesome graphical style (you can see a few pages over at Sega’s blog).  It’s a pretty neat book for Sonic and gaming history buffs alike… the best part?  Pre-order it from Amazon and you save over fifteen bucks on it!  It seemingly doesn’t come out until October, but it’s worth taking a look at and keeping on your radar!


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