First Impressions – Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

Ugh, I hate trying to spell Final Fantasy’s spin-off names nowadays.  Dissidia?  Theatrhythm?  After all this time, I STILL don’t think I have them right!  Seriously, Square, could you lay off on the crazy made up names?

Bah, enough random ranting, this new 3DS game is pretty fun.  I was worried a bit at first as the game took me through the tutorials and party set-up; it all makes the game seem more complicated than it is, and while party setups can mean a lot if you’re going for items, you really can get by the normal playthrough with whoever you want.  That’s good, because I kept switching about all my party members for the fun of it.

The game has three modes.  Series is when you go through each game’s selected tracks, and each game has three; without going into the game’s lingo, they are a battle song, a field song, and an event song.  The Series is nice… I guess, but the relatively low difficulty leaves me a wanted a little more.  There’s a Challenge mode, which lets you replay any Series (or DLC) song alone and on a higher difficulty.  This adds the challenge that the Series mode is lacking.

The real star of the show is the Chaos Temple mode.  In it, you get two random songs (one field and one battle) strung together, and you have to play through the two.  While simple, the Dark Notes, as they’re called, come in various difficulties, giving songs a new beat to go to them.  In addition, you can run into songs that aren’t Series songs; and the Dark Notes are the only way to play them, too!  Finally, you can send and receive Notes via StreetPass… not only is it nice to see a third party utilizing the feature, it’s a fun way to find new Notes and tracks!

So, my thoughts?  It’s a good deal of fun, though I do worry about the length a little. Chaos Temple is just a ton of fun, though… it’s so exciting to see what you might get from it!  I’m also not very found of how annoying it seems to unlock the extra characters… but I’m sure more of it and the party system in general will make sense when I delve deeper.


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