First Impressions – Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Rhapsody… in a word, is odd.  Playing this remake for the DS certainly is a treat; I’m glad I was able to pick it up instead of going through the hassle of tracking down the PS1 version.  From what I can tell from research, there isn’t anything extra added (though apparently the Japanese version has extra scenes related to the third game in the series… I can see why those were removed from the US version), though the battle system has been changed from a SRPG-lite type gameplay to a more standard turn-based battle system.

None of this is explaining why it is odd, however… first off, the subtitle ‘A Musical Adventure’ is not just a string of nice words; this is actually a musical.  For the bit I played, the main character actually stopped and sung a full-length song.  It was pretty, though I’m a little sad it’s Japanese vocals only, and if it wears on the nerves you can always skip the scenes.

The second odd thing about this game comes from the characters.  Cornet is a girl that can talk to puppets, has a magical horn (??), and wishes to be whisked away by her Prince Charming.  Which almost happens, but then he gets turned to stone and Cornet has to save him.  It’s certainly a whimsical fairy-tale setting, but I find it a little out of sorts that the girl is saving the prince, and not the other way around.  Well, I suppose that’s Nippon Ichi for you, always changing stuff up.

So, for my first few hours of gameplay, I am enjoying it, though I worry that the battles might become a bit boring.  The humor and light-hearted nature of the story is likely to carry me through the short game, despite the battles.

Oh, I forgot about the sound effects.  My lord, are they annoying.


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