FFV Fiesta #7 – The Pyramid of Doom and End-Game Prep

[Author’s Warning: This update contains a lot more images than usual, and less dialogue.  That is all.]

Alright, the Pyramid!  I hate this place.  Actually, I hate all of the tablet related dungeons.  Good thing this is the only required one!

Anyway, we try to walk in, and get attacked by these guys.  They aren’t difficult, but you have to kill them both at the same time, or else the one that died will be revived with full health… hard to manage without magic and with a Berserker.  Regardless, it gets done, and then we enter HELL ITSELF (part 1).

There is treasure everywhere, which would be great, but over half of them have monsters within.  And most of them are hard battles with undead folks, like this failure above.  The best part?  Almost all of it’s Dark Matter, a Mixing element.  That doesn’t sell for anything.  And combined with the high encounter rate and the swarms of enemies just running about on the map…

…It’s not the most fun experience.

But, after the slog of a dungeon, we get the first legendary tablet, and Bahamut appears from a mass of land to tell us to challenge him at the top of some Mountain.  Weird, though, about the lack of a boss battle… don’t fret too much, as trying to walk back to the Library gets a little detoured when we hit the Guardian Tree.  Lenna shows up, tries to kill us, then the demon controlling her gets separated from her body and we get to fight it.

Um, well, that’s… revealing.  Melusine is a complete and utter pushover.  She’s super weak to fire, which we can take advantage of via the Flamberge, but she can use Barrier Change, and it will make her absorb it instead, so you have to watch out for that if you take more than three turns to kill her (which, no one should).  Most importantly, though…

She can be confused via Tempting Tango.  Isn’t that just funny?  But whatever, sexy demon falls, and we get Lenna back.  Now…

Everyone’s back together!  Too bad all those villages got destroyed, though.  Anyway, at this point in the game, you’re supposed to go to the remaining shrines and get the other three tablets, so you can get all twelve legendary weapons.  In addition, there’s side quests for summons, getting the submarine, and the Mime class…

But why do any of that when I can do USEFUL things?  Let’s skip all that and take care of a few other matters, instead.

First stop is to get the three weapons available to me now.  I end up getting…

A powerful sword, with only a few things matching its attack power.  No special effects.

A good dagger, with the ability to sometimes cast Doom on enemies.  Neat. And…

Not as powerful as the Assassin’s Dagger, but you can use that MP to get a couple of criticals before running out.  I won’t be using it now, but it’s helpful for later.

That’s all the legendary weapons I need for the rest of the game.  Now, onto other things, such as…

The Magic Lamp is an awesome item for me.  It’ll summon the most powerful Summon (Bahamut), then move down the list until you get to the weakest summon before running dry.  You don’t need the summons to use it (at least I hope not… I’d be disappointed otherwise!), and you can refill it at any time by returning to the waterfall.  Very nice indeed.

I also go and grab the Chicken Knife.  While I had the chance to actually use the Brave Blade, when I got Dancer I just KNEW I had to get this.  You can make Dancers simply hardcore with it.

The Chicken Knife usually starts with 1 attack, but I already ran from a few battles.  Anyway, it gets up to 127 attack if you want it to, and it gets there by, you guessed it, running away from battle.  You get 1 attack every two times you escape.  Oh, here’s Sword Dance once it’s at 110 attack:

Delicious.  But, Sword Dance doing that much damage doesn’t mean much if it never turns up, but we can do things to make it MUCH more likely.  First stop for making the Dancer Destruction train:

The Phantom Village has some of the nicest stuff to buy, though it’s very expensive.  You can pick up Elixirs for 50k, as well as the accessories Hermes Sandals (gives you Haste, plus nulling some of the more summon status ailments), Coral Rings (absorbs Water, mandatory for fighting Shinryuu), and Flame Rings (absorbs Fire) for the same amount.  But we came here for something else…

Lamia’s Tiara is one equipment piece that helps Sword Dance proc more often, making Dancers just a bit more useful.  I forget which one exactly replaces Tempting Tango with a second Sword Dance, but there’s that, as well.

We also find a Thief’s Knife lying around the town, giving the user the ability to sometimes Mug the enemy and steal their item.  This is very useful in our next stop on the Dancer Destuction path… Phoenix Tower!

While I don’t need the summon (and didn’t get it), the enemies here have some useful items…

Parthenope had the dress, while Cherie had the slippers.  These are the other two items to make Sword Dancer appear more often… and now I’ve done all I can do to make them the best.  But, before I leave the tower, there are other items worth grabbing…

Cherie also dropped a pair of Hermes Sandals after one battle.  The extra Gil from stealing extra stuff helped fund getting stuff from the Phantom Town, too.  I bought four Coral Rings, a couple Flame Rings, and three Sandals.  I didn’t buy any Elixirs, but I can always come back later if I’m worried.

That wraps it up for my end-game preparations, and here’s my stats and final class arrangements.  Who needs legendary weapons when you’ve got a Dancer on your side?  So, next time…


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