It’s Hard to Overstate My Satisfaction

It’s Portal!  In LEGO form!  I feel my inner geek just spazzing out.  A group of folks that go by Team Jigsaw have lovingly thought out and created a series of Portal and Portal 2 themed LEGO sets, and seriously, they look MAGNIFICENT.  You can tell these are Portal fans here, and how much they wanted to make these sets a reality really show through in the screenshots and attention to detail that was given to every plastic brick.

There’s one unfortunate thing about this, however… the sets don’t exist yet for purchase!  What blasphemy!  There is hope, however… if Team Jigsaw can get 10,000 supporters to their project, they can get the sets produced, which would be wonderful!  This isn’t a Kickstarter project or anything, either… the LEGO cuusoo site is only there to gauge interest, so you don’t need to pledge money or anything.  So, if you think this sounds like an awesome LEGO idea, check our the full project here, then make an account and support them!  Who knows, you may even get a LEGO cake out of the deal.


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