Gaming Overview: June 2012

This… might be obvious, what this post is about.  However, it is against the rules of… well, something, somewhere, not to explain what the heck I’m talking about, so here goes anyway.  I bought, played, and pretty much enjoyed video games over the month, much like any other month.  I’ll put my basic accomplishments, and whatever else I deem necessary for this past month here.  Simple!  There’s a lack of pictures, but I don’t know what pictures to even look for, and I apologize for the wall of text.   I get most of my stats and whatnot from my Backloggery page, so that’s something to note, as well.  Let’s get the party rolling.

Any new games?

Not too much was released this month that I particularly wanted to pick up; Atelier Meruru Special Edition didn’t come in the mail until the 2nd, so I can count that, and I also bought Gungnir.  Other than those two, I got Shadows of the Damned (only $20!), Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance (look, I enjoyed the first one as a kid, don’t judge me!), Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS (two games in one!), Growlancer: Generations Deluxe Edition (only ~$42… and sealed!), Analogue: A Hate Story (Steam sales!) and the IndieFort bundle No. 2.  So, all in all, about 10 games, though I’ll probably never touch most of those IndieFort games.

What’d you beat?

I beat seven games this month, so about three less than I bought, which… well, is better than a lot of recent months!  Here’s a nice little bulleted list to tell you how I feel:

  • Super Mario 3D Land (6/5) – It’s a nice game, but I feel it’s a bit on the easy side for the main game.  I hear the bonus stuff adds the challenge back, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any of it in the first eight worlds.
  • Shatter (6/7) – It promised to be a unique and interesting Break-Out type game, but it did not deliver.  Sucking and blowing quickly lost their novelty (I am NOT making a joke here, seriously), and it just became a slog to the finish.  Go play Wizorb instead.
  • ModNation Racers PSP (6/9) – Sony’s answer to Mario Kart.  It’s… passable.  It’s mainly just mediocre, but there’s a couple sudden, very sharp difficulty spikes that ruin any sort of fun you have.  Go play Mario Kart instead.
  • Puzzle Agent 2 (6/13) – Not as good as the first.  The story takes a turn for the bad, the puzzles are overly easy and repeat themselves, and, well… it’s disappointing for those that enjoyed and wanted to see the conclusion to the first.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (6/20) – This was a Summer Gaming Challenge game, so here’s the post.
  • Mega Man Battle Network (6/26) – Battle Network is certainly interesting.  I thoroughly enjoyed the battle system, however, the dungeons and overall exploration was a total downer.  The story was passable.  It wasn’t the best game, but I feel it has a lot of potential for its sequels… guess I’ll find out how it pans out!
  • SkyGunner (6/30) – This was a Summer Gaming Challenge game, but since I beat it about two hours ago, there’s wasn’t a post to link… but worry not, I traveled through time just to put the post link here!

Well… I didn’t seem to have good thoughts of the majority of games I played this month… that’s depressing.  Hopefully next month will be better!

Any other accomplishments?

Well, I started the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta, which I’ve been writing a fair deal about.  I’ve also beaten two out of the ten Summer Gaming Challenge games, which you can check out here.  Finally, I’ve made it to the Endgame chapter of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance… but that happened at the beginning of the month.  Procrastination~

And that’s all for June!  July will have Theaterhythm (have you tried pronouncing that word!?), The Last Story, and more Fiesta and Summer stuff.  There’s a lot to look forward to!


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