FFV Fiesta #6: Storming the Real Evil Fortress

Alright, Exdeath.  You killed Galuf, you killed… that other Dawn Warrior, you’ve caused me countless grief… LET’S FINISH THIS.

Well… a problem, though.  The castle is just a big old dead end.  What a downer.  Is there no way forward?

Well, Krile’s basically the only member that can use magic, speak to animals… and well, do anything before picking up some crystals, so I’ll trust her.  However, the party just sits around while Kelger sacrifices himself to reveal the way.  From his bed halfway across the world.  Somehow.  And also, all the Dawn Warriors are dead.  That’s, well… unfortunate.  So, what did the werewolf’s sacrifice reveal?

OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!  I preferred the regular walls and NOT screaming skulls, thanks.

…So onward.  Exdeath’s castle, as you might think, is not very friendly.  However, there is one thing that makes the climb excruciating…

Dragons.  God forsaken Dragons. Dragons are so scary that Krile simply flees the battle in terror (I don’t know what the heck happened to her in that picture).  Dragons typically are only dangerous when you first fight them; then you realize they are elemental, and therefore have elemental weaknesses, and can smash them pretty fast.  However… I do not have that advantage, with only some Wind-based Geomancy and a Flamberge at my disposal.  Dragons also have a powerful (non-magical!) attack of their element they can use, and it will HURT.  I died to Dragons multiple times in the dungeon… not as much as the boss, but enough that I feared them, even when there was only one.  Of course, the game could also be kinda mean about it…

Sure, it only looks like one dragon… but see that number?  Three.  That’s right, THREE BLUE DRAGONS freaking attacked me.  That’s not even fair.

Enough ranting about Dragons.  After climbing most of the castle, you get to a chest in a large room, all alone.  You could ignore the chest and move on, but who on earth would ignore free stuff?  Anyway, the chest is empty (I hate looters that aren’t me), and one would sigh and move on.  However…

Oh.  You.  JERK.  Naturally, we try to beat the stuffing out of him.  You can click the picture above for the epic fight, which I highly recommend because of Gilgamesh’s fine banter.  Oh, and we succeed to beat the stuffing out of him, and get this for our troubles:

Oh, Gilgamesh… you will be missed.

Exdeath has taken yet another life, and it’s time to make HIM PAY, DAMNIT.

That’s… well, easier said than done.  Exdeath starts easy, but the more you hurt him, the faster he goes, until he gets to do three attacks consecutively.  It’s honestly pretty hard to keep everyone alive when he throws Vacuum Wave (~1000 damage), Thundaga (~600 damage, depending on the target), and a physical attack (~60 damage… but STILL) all at once.  I couldn’t handle it at first… He had Level 3 Flare, and I was 33, so I had to go level up.  Then, I learned he had Level 2 Old, so I went to level up again.  That level wasn’t enough, either, so… I decided to go back to the earlier floors of the castle (where there AREN’T DRAGONS) and grind for levels and Reflect Rings.  A little while later…

I’m at 37, but I didn’t pick up a Reflect Ring.  I wasn’t going to grind anymore, since I couldn’t face Exdeath again until level 41 with the Level spells and all.  So, I go with this set-up, though there’s a change… Bartz mastered Knight on the way back up, so I switched him to Berserker and gave him Equip Sword, so he could have a shield and the higher accuracy weapon, basically making him more of an auto-attacking Knight.  How’d it all go?

He dies!  Of course, Lenna died too.  She always dies.  Anyway, you can click above for a video, if you want to see Exdeath’s face smashed in.

So, we save the world, though the crystals break, and somehow end up right near Castle Tycoon.  We have a party, Faris is secretly hot (though it’s not a huge secret when she’s a Dancer…), and Krile and Bartz run off to do cool stuff.  Cool stuff involves falling in holes that are infested with monsters.

We beat up an Antlion, have Faris rope-tease us for a solid three minutes before letting us up, and she rejoins the group.  Where’s Lenna, you wonder?  She’s a princess, geez.  She’s in the castle still.  Onward, we find Ghido.  He’s still sort of a jerk.

Of course, Bartz doesn’t help much be being a parrot and repeating every little thing that he sa–

–Wait, ‘worlds merging’?

Huh, I guess they really DID merge.  Well, it doesn’t look so lonely now.

Meanwhile, Exdeath appears and messes everyone up, then unleashes the Void on Castle Tycoon and sucks up the entire place, with Lenna in it.  Great, I love not having party members.  So, story and plot, then we’re sent off to the pyramid to find a tablet, that we can use to unlock some of the twelve legendary weapons that have been sealed away for a time like this.

So, here’s how everyone looks at the start of the merged world (or World 3, if you will).  Of course, Lenna isn’t around, being thrown into the Rift and all.  Next time, we’ll go to one of the worst dungeons ever, and some other stuff.  Stick around!


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