FFV Fiesta #4: Earth Classes and Storming Evil Fortresses

Alright, the final classes!  Well, for the Fiesta, anyway… there’s still the Mime class, as well as the four new classes unique to FFV Advance, but I won’t be using any of those.  In no particular order, the Earth Classes are Samurai, Dancer, Chemist, and Dragoon.  Most of these classes go well with my party: Samurai would help me be even more damaging physically; Dragoon a little less so than Samurai, but Jump would be really useful; and Chemist would give me some well needed healing.  Of course, because of this…

I get Dancer.  And yes, I skipped forward in time a bit so that Galuf could model; he leaves the party immediately after the Earth Crystal shatters, so you’ll be without him for a little bit.  Anyway, the Dancer class.  Oh boy, Dancers.

Dancers… well, Dance in battle.  When you use the Dance command, one of four dances will happen randomly: Tempting Tango confuses the enemy; Jitterbug hits the enemy and heals the user for ~400 HP; Mystery Waltz drains ~50 MP; Sword Dance does about 4x normal attack damage.  Obviously, Sword Dance is the best of these, but to make the Dancer really good requires certain equipment and possibly skills as well.  Basically, my Dancer will likely get to shine end-game, by me either using the Chicken Knife (Dancers can only wield daggers) or the Knight’s Equip Swords ability, coupled with the pieces of armor that make Sword Dance replace Tempting Tango… but none of that will be available for a while, so I’m sorta gimped until that time comes.

The other interesting thing is the Dancer is their equipment; there are multiple pieces of armor that only they can equip, the first you run into being the Ribbon.  Some Dancer equipment is actually pretty good, too!

Now, the Dancer’s skills. At Level 1 you learn Flirt, which is a command that possibly makes the enemy miss an attack. Level 2 nets you the ability to dance as another job.  Level 3 gives you Equip Ribbon, which as the name does not imply, allows you to wear any Dancer exclusive equipment.  To be honest, none of these are particularly useful… maybe in tandem you could make a cool Dancer Knight, but you can only equip one secondary skill at a time, so not really.

Along the one of updates, there isn’t much.  I mainly wanted to get the class update out of the way… updates will also be a little different from now on, since I don’t have the new jobs to separate them up nicely.  Anyway, highlights:

Galuf went back to his home planet, so we had to fight three bosses without him.

Titan wasn’t too hard, but he did get a little mad at the end…

These guys, though, were less than easy.  When you kill one, they cast Arise, reviving ALL of the other Purobolos.  After two failures, and Gaia magic failing to use the same skill the whole fight, I resorted to simply Guarding until they all Self-Destructed on me.  Which, by the way, does not trigger Arise.  Whoo!

The third boss was a pushover.  I don’t remember its name.

And now, off to a new world, and to help the old man!

Except not, because everyone gets captured by Exdeath. Great work!

So, Galuf is a badass and storms Exdeath’s castle BY HIMSELF to save everyone else.  And he even beats the crap out of Gilgamesh, which while I didn’t take a screenshot of, that video will give an ever BETTER effect.  Next time I’ll at least take a screen so at you can click on the picture or something.

And, everyone’s saved and reunited. Joy!  This is everyone at the proper start of the second world… and a good time to end the update!  Nope, I haven’t even finished escaping Exdeath’s castle yet… which is bound to be eventful, so stay tuned.


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