FFV Fiesta #3: Fire Classes and the Berserker Sisters

Another day, another time to play with new classes!  The Fire Crystal Jobs are, in no particular order this time: Beastmaster, Geomancer, Ninja, Bard, and Ranger.  You can see Beastmaster and Ninja is you look hard enough above… As for Bard and Ranger, you actually don’t get the classes right away, you find them a little later in the story.  Ah, but what about Geomancer, you ask?  No worries:

Geomancer is the class that Gilgabot picked for me!  Time to go into detail… which unfortunately doesn’t have any screenshots, because I didn’t know what to even take pictures of.  Anyway…

Geomancers are a magic-based class, meaning that they have lower defense, but higher magical defense.  In addition, they wear light armor, so they cannot make up for that difference unless they learn the Knight’s Equip Armor ability… but really, why would you waste your space on that?

For weapons, Geomancers can use Daggers and Bells.  Bells are… man, I don’t know, I haven’t even used one yet… and just for the record, every job can use daggers, so there you have that.

In battle, where the Geomancer shines is the Gaia ability.  When the Gaia ability is cast, the Geomancer takes the terrain around him and attacks the enemy with it.  For example, if you’re on a normal field, he will cast Gust or Earthquake.  In the forest, he’ll probably cast Leaf Slash, and so on.  The spells have random elements and effects, so the Geomancer is usually only helpful in certain scenarios, especially since you could just choose whatever element spells as a Black or Blue Mage and not have to roll the dice.  Of course, I don’t have that option, so I’m just happy I got a magic based class.

Geomancers are more typically used for their out-of-battle utilities, which they learn through leveling-up.  Level 1 lets them use Gaia in another Job.  Level 2 gives the Find Pits ability, so you can see pitfalls and properly avoid them, which is pretty nice.  Finally, Level 3 give you Light Step, meaning you won’t take damage from harmful floors.

That’s about it for the Geomancer, an overall abnormal Job with various degrees of usefulness.  Well, at least I can do some elemental damage now, even if I don’t know WHAT kind it’ll always be.

This update’s a little light on the highlights.  There was a fair amount of plot going on, but nothing really interesting… except that jerk Sandworm, but we’ll get to that.  Here we go.

Despite Byblos casting Protect every time we’d hit him with a physical, he was sort of a pushover.  It just came down to the Berserker Sisters whaling on him while Galuf used Gaia and Bartz attacked and healed.

…I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m using two Berserkers.  Well, since I have Knight, Berserker, and Geomancer, I figured that instead of having two Knights, I’d rather get the damage increase and not be able to control the character than having to just press A all the time.

Moving along…

NPCs don’t lie!

Chocobos eating Jobs!

Buying things I can’t use!

Spoiling plot twists early with blog titles!

This.  This jerk is the first real problem I’ve had in the Fiesta.  Let me explain about the sandworm.  He constantly moves about those three holes, making him a pain to hit.  Using magic is ill-advised, according to Mid, but really, I don’t know if it makes a difference.

Now, this doesn’t sound too bad, you’ll just hit the holes every once and a while on accident, and waste an attack, right?  Wrong.  Oh, so, wrong.  If you hit a hole, it’ll cast Gravity (!?) on you, halving someone’s HP.  Coupled with the Sandworm’s attack, which hits for a flat 60 damage to everyone and drains HP for a long while afterwards, it’s very dangerous to hit holes.

…Remember how you can’t control Berserkers?  AT ALL?

…Yeah, Berserkers aren’t the best class to use here.  Gaia also picks a random target, so you can’t use that either… But, being the Fiesta, I have to have one of each, so I’ll have to make due!  So, after changing about jobs and praying that the stars align…

I finally won.  Sure, Faris and Galuf died, I used damn near all my Elixirs, and I probably only won because Faris actually HIT the boss once, but I won.  And that’s great.

That’s about it for the update.  Next time, you’ll see the Earth Jobs and… well, probably a couple other things.  Like me sobbing.  Until then.


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