FFV Fiesta #2: Water Classes and the Lack of the A Button

I’m back, and I have the Water Crystal Jobs… well, except Mime, but you can’t get that one in the Fiesta anyway, so that’s okay.  The Water Jobs mix in with the Wind ones, since they’re organized by what type they are.  Anyway, from the top, the new classes are Berserker, Mystic Knight, Time Mage, Summoner, and Red Mage.  A lot of magic in this crystal, which will be nice to round out the physical Knigh–


So, let’s explain Berserkers.

Berserkers are powerful.

VERY POWERFUL.  However, they are always have Berserk on them, hence their name… basically meaning, you can’t control them, when they attack, or what enemy they attack.  The ATB bar is always maxed, too, so you can’t even tell by that what’s going to happen.  As you might gather, Berserkers can be a problem.

Also, despite the fact that they can wear the same caliber armor as Knights, and have a little more HP than them, they are not as sturdy, and take a bit more damage from physicals.  Their magical resistance still is low, too.  They can, however, equip shields, helping with the physical part a little.

On the subject of weapons, Berserkers can use Axes and Hammers.  These weapons are very strong, probably having the highest physical damage potential in the game.  I say ‘potential’ because their damage range is very large; one hit you can do 700 damage, the next 100.  Also, their accuracy isn’t the best, so you can whiff attacks more often than you’d like.  So, yeah, that’s a ton of fun.

Berserkers only level up twice.  At Level 1 they learn Berserk, which, guess what, lets you give a class that’s not the Berserker the power to be Berserk 24/7.  Fantastic.  Level 2 gives you Equip Axes.  Let’s just say that this isn’t the best class to grab skills from.

So, with a class that you ‘press A until you win’ and a class that ‘watch until you win’, there isn’t too much to talk about, but there’s still more than last time!  Let’s get started on the highlights.  First:

Hey… You know what?  I have an idea.  *switches classes and abilities around*

Oh, it’s beautiful.  Simply beautiful.  I only keep two Knights around because I worry if a future boss might counter physicals or something, I’ll need two potions lobbers around.  What else…? Oh!

Getting thrown in jail!

Laughing at the poor sap that escaped his cell into another locked cell!

Wearing sunglasses to battle!

Blocking attacks while wearing sunglasses!  Deal with it!

Liquid Flame!  This boss is a bit of a pain… he counters ALL physical attacks, and he’ll counter (or normally attack) with one of three things: Blaze, hitting everyone with ~125 damage; Some other fire based attack that does 300+(!!) damage; and Magnet, which I never learned what the hell that did.  He can also heal himself with Fira, but the amount of damage the Berserkers were doing more than cancelled that out.  The problem with the battle is that I can’t stop the Berserkers from attacking; if I’m taking a lot of damage, or want to wait it out until one of Flame’s less dangerous forms, too bad… You’ll just have to hope the Berserkers whiff their attacks.  Or Blind them so they WILL whiff, which I didn’t do.  Needless to say, the battle was tough.

I did win on the first try though!  All it cost was all my Phoenix Downs, a ton of Potions, and an Elixir!  Oh, and Faris’s life too, I guess.  Finally:


…He did.  Faris axed him real good.

That’s all for this time!  To be honest, the distance from the Water Shrine to the Fire one is pretty short, so there would not have been much to say anyway… Liquid Flame is the only real boss, afterall.  So, next time, you’ll find out which of the lovely Fire classes I got (Hint: Diversity!), so stay tuned.


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