FFV Fiesta #1: Wind Classes and A Buttons

So, the fiesta begins!  There’s really not anything to say about the game before we get the Wind classes… I mean, even the boss is a pushover.  Look at him!  I didn’t even have to heal before the battle started… or after, for that matter.

Anyway, jobs.  The Wind Jobs, from left to right, are Knight, Monk, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage, and Blue Mage.  All of these except for Blue Mage should be familiar to those that played the original Final Fantasy.  But don’t worry about Blue Mage, because that’s not what Gilgabot picked for us.

We were given the Knight job!  Honestly, Knight’s one of the more boring jobs… having four Knights is like you’re still playing at the beginning of the game with Freelancers… so, yeah, this update’s not going to have a lot.  Regardless, let’s go in depth into the Knight Job!

Knights are, as you may know from the original Final Fantasy, tanks.  They have increased HP from the Freelancers, and automatically come with the ability Guard.  Guard is, well, guarding.

Knights are able to wear the best (and heaviest) armor, so it’s pretty hard for physical attacks to faze them.

Knights can also equip shields, which has a chance of nullifying an attack completely.  So when enemies have meaningful physical attacks, you just might avoid them completely.

For weaponry, Knights use blades; they can equip one and two handed swords and daggers.  As such, they can dish out the damage, as well as take it.  There’s couple problems with Knights, however.  The first…

They have bad magical resistance.  I mean, REALLY BAD.  This was two party-aimed Blizzaras… and party-aimed attacks are weaker than the single-aimed ones.  The single one would likely one-shot a Knight.  The second…

Up-keeping a Knight is expensive, especially in this early point where I’m forced to have four of them.  Using the best weapons/armor also means paying high dollar for them.

Well, enough about that, let’s look at the abilities Knights can learn, and be extention, what three other party members could possibly use with their other class.  At Level 1, Knights learn Cover, which will protect an ally at critical HP and take the blow instead.  Great!  At Level 2 they learn Guard, which… is the same as before, but you can put it on other classes.  Level 3 gives you 2-Handed, probably the best skill on offer.  Two Handed, as you might expect, allows you to hold a weapon with two hands, doubling the attack power of the weapon.  It’ll be really handy if I get another physical-based class later.  Finally, you learn Equip Shields, Equip Armor, and Equip Swords for Levels 4, 5, and 6, respectively.

That’s about it for Knights!  So, how’d the playthrough to the Water Shrine go, you ask?  Since Knights have no combat abilities to speak of, I just kind of bulldozed through this part of the game.  All the bosses amounted to attacking, throwing a potion every once and a while, and attacking again.  The only tiny problem was Siren, whose undead form is resistant to physical attacks.  Then it was a matter of attacking, waiting out her undead form, and attacking again.  Also, I guess Shiva thrashing me earlier was a problem too, but really she’s a Summon, so I may not even have to beat her.  Let’s look at the highlights from the Wind Shrine to the Water one:

Swooning over Faris!  Who is a man!

Attempting to strip Faris naked!  Who is a woman!  If there’s one thing about FFV, it’s that it never leaves questions unanswered.

Obtaining items that lie!  That Armlet isn’t effective at all!

…And that’s a wrap!  Yeah, seriously.  Knights are boring to watch, so no cool boss strategies or anything.  What will Gilgabot have in store for me for the Water Job?  Find out soon!  (Hint: I cried on the inside.)


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