Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta 2012!

This year, I’m going to be participating in the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta!  I’m sure you’re wondering what that may be, but don’t worry, I’ll explain.  The Four Job Fiesta is a challenge run of sorts unique to Final Fantasy V, which is well known for its Job system.  One of the things about the Job system is being able to change your character’s roles at a whim, and be able to customize their abilities for maximum killing abilities and awesome-ness.

…But what if that was limited?  In the Four Job Fiesta, you are limited to four jobs, one from each of the crystals, in this case chosen by the Fiesta’s very own Gilgabot.  You can only have one character as a class at any given point (well, when you get all the classes… until then, you can have copies, as long as every chosen class is being used and there’s no freelancers), so you’ll be stuck with the four classes chosen for you to beat the game.  You’ll never know what you’ll get, either, so it’s all about the random fun involved!

You might be wondering what exactly that means for you, the reader… well, the main updates for my run will be posted here, so you can see my glory and shame for all its worth!  I’ll be throwing up screenshots (and maybe videos, though I’m not sure of my computer’s capabilities) and comments about how I’m progressing… and I’m sure there will be plenty of entertainment brought on by the game trying to spite me, so stay tuned.

Oh, if you want to learn more about the fiesta, you can check it out here.  The fiesta starts June 17th in Japan Standard Time, which sometime in the afternoon on the sixteenth in EST, so expect the first action packed update in the next couple of days after that!

And yes, I’ll be keeping the updates here.  You can click for instant gratification below!

#1 – Wind Classes and the A Button
#2 – Water Classes and the Lack of an A Button
#3 – Fire Classes and the Berserker Sisters
#4 – Earth Classes and Storming Evil Fortresses
#5 – Beating Down a Ton of Foes
#6 – Storming the Real Evil Fortress
#7 – The Pyramid of Doom and End-Game Prep
#8 – My Only Friend, The End


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