It’s a wild Post! Command?

Ah, my first post on a new blog. A new day! A fresh start! Fantastic. I’m still tinkering with all the settings, so things will get switched around, yadda yadda, probably throughout the week.

I’m certain you want to know more about me, and what this blog is all about (and if not, that’s too bad). I’m a college nerd with a little too much time on her hands, and loves videogames. While this blog probably won’t be confined to ONLY gaming stuff, mind you, however… that’s what the vast majority of these posts are going to consist of, so there you have it.

This isn’t my first time writing a blog, since I tend to fall into ‘ruts’ and never write for a long time… but this blog is meant to stick with me, through the thick and thin… and hopefully I won’t just stop writing randomly!

Anyway, expect changes and more… substantial posts in the upcoming days!


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