Earth Defense Force: Insect Armegeedeon

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Earth Defense Force: 2017 by now.  It’s everyone’s favorite little bargain bin game, after all.  It’s not a bad game by any means, just ridiculous and low-budget.  But, especially if you’re playing with a friend, it can be a hell of a lot of fun.

EDF 2017 was released three years ago, though, so most people have likely played the game out by now.  Luckily, the developers of 2017 have decided to make a new game, and it’s for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.  Titled Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, this sequel promises to bring more bug-busting action with it.

EDF: IA also promises to bring a few new features.  First off, there’s up to 3-player online co-op, when the first game had no online at all.  There’s also a Survival mode, and oh…


Hopefully D3 won’t try to make this game too good… then it just might be bad!  If you’re interested, check out the official site.

DSiWare games that ARE worth buying

I recently came about some Nintendo points for pre-ordering a certain game… my boyfriend and myself wanted to save the points for when we got a Wii, but seeing that the points expire at the end of September, we decided to put the points onto his DSiXL, instead.  I know what you’re all thinking: The DSi Shop is complete crap, and even those 500 points would have likely been better to expire than put on there.  Well… you’re mostly right.  But I’ve scoured the ENTIRE shop, done my research… and I think I’ve found a gem or two among the rubbish to prove that maybe there are SOME worthwhile games on the DSiWare.  Who knows… maybe there’ll be more, if someone actually supports the good games… So, why don’t you take a gander at these and maybe give a thought to buying a few?

Aura-Aura Climber
200 Points

Aura-Aura Climber is a fun arcade style game.  You play a little fallen star, who is trying to get back into the night sky.  It’s a simple, cute premise, and the gameplay (involving grappling, which everyone loves) seems solid.  I couldn’t find too many reviews for the game on the web, but for only 200 points it’s hard to really be disappointed.

G. G. Series: Ninja Karakuri Den
200 Points

The G. G. Series is well-known in Japan, with the company pumping out DSiWare games left and right.  However, Ninja Karakuri Den is the first game in the series to make it overseas.  This is another arcade style game, though it’s more action-packed than Aura-Aura.  It’s a little hard to explain, but the video should explain the premise well.  Since this game is 200 points as well, it’s hard to really do wrong.

A Kappa’s Trail
500 Points

A Kappa’s Trail seems to be a cute little DSi game.  You control a Kappa with the stylus, drawing a line that the cute little guy will follow.  The whole thing is stylus based, with a time limit giving the game a bit of a challenge.  For 5 bucks, it seems like a worthwhile investment is you like puzzle games.

Artstyle (series)
500 Points

The Artstyle series is well-known for most gamers, so I won’t go into much detail about them here.  There are many games in the series, with radically different game mechanics, most everyone would find at least one game that would interest them.

Castle of Magic
500 Points

Castle of Magic is an interesting game in the DSi library, though considering the system, it shouldn’t be.  It’s a relatively simple looking platformer, but you use the camera, and the pictures you take, to give yourself some power-ups.  It’s a title that takes advantage of the DSi’s new feature, and it seems to do so nicely.

Dark Void Zero
500 Points

Dark Void Zero is basically an old game thrown onto the DSi.  But it’s a good old game.  This action platformer is worth the five bucks, though some say it’s a little short overall.

Soul of Darkness
500 Points

I know it’s a German trailer, you’ll have to make do.  Anyway, Soul of Darkness is a shameless Castlevania clone.  Regardless of that, it is still a decent game.  You run through stages, defeat demons, and… er, Castlevania stuff.  It’s worth a look.


Well, here we are.  Hours (?) of research rounded up in this post.  What does that say for the DSiWare?  Well… that it is mainly full of crap.  But there are some nice little gems in there, and some things to look out for… while it’s not full of winners, at least there’s something to support.

Quickie Review – Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

[Author’s Note: Quickie Reviews aren’t written like my normal reviews… well, that’s because they’re quickies!  They’re easy for me to write, and easy for you to read.]

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (HD for short) is a total fan service game.  If you don’t like Castlevania, you will not like this game.

That being said, though, it’s really not like the ‘Metroid-vania’ games that HD pulls their characters from.  It’s essentially a Castlevania MMO, since you can get online with up to six people, fun through six stages of throwbacks mainly from the DS games, and eventually grind for those rare drops from Dracula on Hard mode for hours on end.  So… maybe if you are a Castlevania fan, if farming and grinding isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you may not like this either.

Thankfully, each of the five characters has something unique to offer to the game, and different ways of obtaining their skills.  Alucard’s the basic weapons guy, with a few ‘meh’ spells and a lot of awesome equipment.  Soma obtains souls, and getting them is random from the enemies killed.  Jonathon uses subweapons, which you level up though CONSTANT TEDIOUS usage (it sucks).  Charlotte has spells you absorb from enemies.  And Shanoa… oh, hell, I don’t know what she does.  I never used her.  Point is, everyone’s different, and it adds a bit of variety to the gameplay for when you’ve seen that same stage for the hundredth time.

It’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s also certainly not a bad game.  The online community is still active, especially with the new DLC that came out (though it’s unlikely I’ll pay 400 MS point for only one new map… milk it more, Konami?), so you won’t be running dry on teammates.  One thing, though, is that you shouldn’t try the demo… it doesn’t really capture what the game’s about.  Watch some videos instead.

Oh yeah… and be thankful (or unthankful?) it wasn’t like this: