Olde Salty Resturant puts up a ‘No screaming kids’ sign; people scream

I saw an interesting thing on the news a couple of days ago… a restaurant in North Carolina has implemented a new rule: No screaming kids allowed.  A relatively bold statement, though the middle-aged owner explains how she is frustrated about her customers complaining about the rowdy children and how the new rule has brought her more business.  Of course, some parents are ‘screaming’ (well, not really, just more complaining) about this, saying that they cannot help it when their kids start howling.

Anyway, you can see Fox New’s clip below (I know everyone hates Fox News, so you can watch MSNBC’s story here instead, if you want):

Honestly, I think it’s great that the owner put up the sign.  There’s little I hate more than going out to eat, then having to listen to kids wailing their heads off… especially when they’re little kids that obviously have no discipline.  But that’s a rant for another day…


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