3D Dot Game Heroes

I think I’ve found the reason I want a PS3.

It looks… weird, but it’s easy to explain.  In 3D Dot Game Heroes (an awkward name, but that’s the Japanese for you), you play an old school RPG, with the story being the the typical:  you play has a descendant of a hero that needs to kill some evil being.  But what’s different is the graphics, obviously.  It’s like they took an old 8-bit game and put all the pixels in 3D, but forgot to smooth it out.  But that’s most of the charm, and there’s even a story behind it:

“The Kingdom of Dotnia was once a 2D world like many other RPG settings, but Dotnia’s king decided he wanted to reshape the land to attract more people. The ruler was able to do this with technology that essentially remade the kingdom in 3D. Something went wrong with the conversion, however, though From Software hasn’t yet specified the disaster.” GameSetWatch

How do the developers do it?  Well, according to the article on insert credit, the game uses voxels to depict the game world.  You might be asking, what are those?  I didn’t know either, but that’s what Wikipedia is for!  Apparently they’re 3D pixels… which you probably assumed already.  Well, moving along…

Oh yeah, and it’s an action RPG, which is interesting, seeing as there weren’t really action RPGs back when the game’s inspiration was conceived.  However, it’s probably for the best, as you really wouldn’t be able to take in the interesting graphic style with a typical turn-based RPG.

3D Dot Game Heroes looks to be an interesting game, to say the least.  I can’t wait until more information is available, and let’s hope it’ll come out to the States.  If it does, it just might be the push I need to save up for a PS3.

Oh, if you wanna see more cool pictures, check out From Software’s official website.  Make sure to click the blue square in the corner to close out the moonspeak and see more cool pictures!


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