Muscle March

So, Muscle March is one of those WiiWare games you’ll probably never see outside of Japan. Why? Just look at the trailer and see:

It’s so damn obscure it’s unlikely anyone would want to port it.

Oh, if you want to know what’s going on, Gamespot has a good summery of the game:

…the game lets players select from a roster of muscle-bound meatheads (including a polar bear) and control them as they chase down a thief in possession of their prized protein supplements. The thief will not be caught easily, however, breaking through walls as he strikes one of four dramatic weight-lifting poses. Players will have to match the poses with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk if they want to follow cleanly through the walls and catch up to the protein-pilfering perpetrator.

Considering the nature of the Wii here in the States (mainly for the “casual” crowd, whatever that really means), I highly doubt this’ll make it anywhere outside of Japan.  If it does, though, I’ll gladly pay my roommate to download this on his Wii (not that I’ll need to). Here’s to hoping.