Avalon Code

I may not be a Nintendo fangirl, but, man, do I love the Nintendo Power magazine.  Almost every time I get a copy, I learn about some awesome, new DS game that has almost no information on the Internet about.

And, here we are again, with a new, thrilling DS game I must rave about.

This game’s name is Avalon Code, and it’s a new Action RPG from some developer no one knows (Marvelous Interactive).  But, it’s much, much more than “just another ARPG”.

In Avalon Code, the end of the world is coming… but you’re not out to save it.  Instead, you’re out to find what should be saved, and reborn into the new world.  To do so, you must use the Book of Phophecy, and that’s where things start to get a little… weird.

Whenever you find someone or an enemy to scan, the Book will show their picture and name on the left page, and their “code” on the right page.  The fun part is, you can change around the code however you wish, perhaps curing someone of a deadly illness or adding the fire element to a weapon, or almost whatever you wish.  It looks to be an extremely interesting touch, and, if implemented as promised, would add tons of replayablity, just to see what weird stuff you could do in the next “end of the world”.

As if an added perk, and graphics to this game are gorgeous, as Marvelous Interactive, who helped with the DS remakes of Final Fantasy III ans IV.  You can tell by the screenshots, they used a similar style for Avalon Code, but it’s still different enough that it’s a unique, new feel.

The graphics may look like the FF remakes, but the style still looks different enough that its unique.
The graphics may look like the FF remakes, but the style still looks different enough that it’s unique.

Avalon Code looks to be a refreshing new ARPG, and it’s all I can do to hope that it’ll be as good as it looks.  It’s not slated for an American release until sometime in 2009, but hopefully more information will come out before then.


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